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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It's that time of year, again.

I'm just all set for Vegas. Tickets booked, accommodation sorted and my action sold. Upon selling action this year for Wsop events, I found it quiet interesting. My late sale did not do me any favours, however, this time and lately, in general, the market has shrunk in size it feels. It's a very hard one to judge when selling. It has become a matter of how much you are willing to drop in mark rather than finding the perfect balance. To be fair, this is better for the longevity of the game albeit at the players expense. I think there has been a lot of mark ups over charged in the past, for sure, but not to gain a distinct advantage over some buyers who just want a sweat, but soley because its hard to judge all the factors exactly, on top of the main component, the marketplace.

The marketplace trumps any preparations you can make. It's the be all and end all. I've made mistakes myself on judging these, its only normal. I don't think anyone ever soley sets out to charge extortionate mark up, what thief would right? Especially, with your added reputation being on the line. And that brings me to a quick statement and apology I'd like to make. There is no way, no chance, that Rory Brown ever set out to do this in his selling thread that I questioned to the point, it became a distasteful interaction. It doesn't matter even if you are right about someones mark up (Rory acted on advice from friends and only in hindsight was it deemed a bit over), you do not call them out, the marketplace will take care of it in the long run and so for that, my emotionally charged response to Rory was bad judgement and poor form so I do apologise.

It is a pretty intense subject to speak about, especially with added passion. I think the marketplace in Ireland, which appears a slight touch smaller now is still as good an option if not better than dealing with private buyers. The only plus being a one lump sum transaction, which all poker players like, but mostly because we are flat out lazy and would rather spend our time playing and loosing than tracking multiple percentages. Well most of us apart from Smidge anyway, you just know he loves that shit. A good spot to get back onto talking about Vegas and my 5 picks... for the drunken end of
night state. Actually, I'll just need one pick, but I won't say who *cough* John *cough*. I'm terrible at the game of drink myself, just ask Albert Kenny or Big Mick G.

Ok, I will do 5 picks for a bracelet, I do enjoy trying to be right, especially when I'm wrong.

1. Nick Abau Risk. Nick has been running deep so far this series, like previous years. I have one of those feelings for Nick, he just might bink. (Nearly swapped him for Max during the 10k, lol.)

2. Jude Ainsworth. Give the man a stack and watch for the torture he will dish out. Definitely one of the best hopes for Irish poker in any high game, let alone a run at the series.

3. Padraig 'Smidge' O Neill. It would be about time we turned this man into a baller. Just take a moment to imagine that if you know him, glorious, right?! Credit card roulette is his first step.

4. Sean Prenderville. Same as Jude, you just cannot exclude the man. Serious results. It's no wonder he is named the GOAT.

5. Daragh Davey. Oh wait, he's not going, or is he? Who knows. One thing is for sure, the 'Real Davey Tweets' will be in full flow. So please do join in when you see that shit trending on Twitter. A preview you say? Ok, just one. 'I'd have got that bluff through v Johnny Chan in 1988.' #RealDaveyTweet

I was close to putting John O Shea into this, just for the maximum tilt factor, he will probably go and bink a bracelet. In holdem aswel to send me straight to the nearest bridge in Vegas. All jokes aside, I hope to have a crack at a bracelet along with a few others from Ireland. There's only one question left to ask, can the tiny Island produce?

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