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Monday, September 10, 2012

Back To The Grind

I've lost the interest in online poker for quiet sometime, close to 9 months I'd say. It had alot to do with finding the drive to get back into the game after spending a long time recovering from surgery. It crushed me mentally for quiet sometime, I think it was just online poker that suffered as live I was still hungry. I'd play a few nights and then give up for another 2-3weeks. Not very professional to say the least but I felt it was the right choice for me over this space of time or I could have burnt out pretty easily considering. It takes alot more to realise when to step back than to continue right threw lying to yourself along the way and probably eventually loosing chunks of your roll.

 I still kept up with the online game as now which most of you know I run a stable which holds brilliant players, it's been a pleasure to just sit back and watch these guys evolve as class players. Obviously I'm biased, but trust me when I say it these guys will dominate live tournys in Ireland soon aswel as the online world. Rob Fitzgerald is the guy I've been surprisingly delighted by his progress. He has taken everything on board and applied it within a short space of time to evolve from being a small stakes grinder to a winning mid stakes mtt'r. Not many can do that within this time frame! Then you got Colin (Hammo) Hammond & Ciaran (Tag) Taggart. You put both these guys in the same category but at same time you get a different mix of styles. Hammo just has the raw talent and he really doesn't know it, he just keeps binking all the time that we have even renamed the Ipoker 30r 10pm nightly game 'The Hammo' as it's ridiculous amount of times he's won it or final tabled it on a regular basis, not to mention many other tounry's. This see's him playing much higher for us now. He is a real gem! To Tag, well, we all know he's a monster. So what do you do with a monster? You let him loose! He will perfect his game and when he does I'll be just sitting here railing him, luaghing in awe of him destroying fields. Another influential part of this stable is funnily enough the biggest online grinder in Ireland, Dara O Kearney. Oh the irony. I cant even play a full week yet here he is never missing one. I can honestly say I don't know how the man does it. To keep that level of consistency & drive is beyond me, yet ppl like Doke are the reason why I'm back to the grind.

Which leads me to the grind. Right now, I'm playing the $700 Wcoop (ITM), along with a pretty big schedule totaling roughly 9k. I like to jump in head first. Gruelling long hours of poker mixed with keeping your head and composure. I will admit tho it has been hard but happy to say I'm on top of it and most of all really enjoying it. So yeah, back to the grind and long may it last.

For live, I think there is one or two Irish festivals coming up but next big one is Ept San Remo, Italy. A favourite place of mine. It's beautiful place and what I like most is how relaxed the hole place is, so mellow, suits me down to the ground. Coming off a decent Vegas score during the summer I'm hoping to drive on from there and really take on the high buyin live scene. Let's hope I can pull it off. Ok thats all from me for now. Short & sweet for once. Gl to all Irish in Wcoop's, bracelet plz!

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