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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Improved rb deal on Irish Eyes

Hey ppl just letting everyone know about the new offers that are in place at Irish Eyes! These great offers consist of 30% minimum rb no matter how many hours are played but of course the more you play the more rb you get but also there is an extra 10% on top of that for tourny buy ins through out the year! Of course for the bigger players you can recieve up to 45% rb and with also the extra 10% for tournys as well!

Go to to find out more!

As for my time in Las Vegas I'll keep it nice and simple so I don't depress anyone. Played a total of 8 tournaments and made day 2 of only one tournament the main event! My worst run in poker continued from 2 months before Vegas and right true, Ill give you one example: called a 3bet pre with AcQc and flop came Jc7c8c, Villan check, I bet, he raised, I reraised, he reraised again and I finally shoved all in for not much more and after 2-3 mins he made the call saying talk about getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar, I flip over my hand and he flips over 7d4c for bottom pair that's it, turn-4, river-4!! Would have went chip leader on day 1 of the 2.5k mixed hold em if that had held!

Thank god for cash games at least soften the blow of the ridiculous wsop tournies! All in all a loosing trip but I will be back next year with a vengeance like no other!!

Don't forget to use my sign up code propoker100 to avail of these great new offers that no other site's can match!

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