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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Finally Xmas break

Not that I need a break from poker it has more got to do with all the travelling and boring hotel rooms that I constantly find myself in. I suppose tho these are really the only down sides to been able to travel anywhere I like playing the game I love for what can be hundreds of thousands if I do bink one, maybe get the old million euro rush and win two big ones while I'm at it. Being rolled for all these high buy in games is pretty sweet, even tho it has not been going so well. I'm pretty sure it's just small sample size & getting dogged by every fish I've come across in these games that have stopped few deep runs. You would be woefully surprised to see the amount of guys in these games that either haven't a clue, do not want to learn or the guys who still play knowing there game is not good enough to compete on such a high level. I feel like giving them a souvenir in the form of a lighter after they get felted, either that or the money toilet roll I stumbled across the other day, either way there just burning money! Let them on tho I guess, only helps me more in the long run.

I recently had a deep run in San Remo tho tbf, even if it did end in a cooler squeeze with ak only to walk into AA, it was still good experience and great on a personal level that I can hold my own or best some of the top pro's around. I play a different game and I think it works great in these events. A few particular hands stood out from that tourny, being super card dead on day one, controlling myself was the key, I played super tight and it all paid off in the last two levels of the day. It was all preflop with me up until this point, I 4bet the same guy twice to keep my stack close to starting. I got my double up in the form of AT when I turned trip tens v pocket Queens and got paid in full. I then managed to run my stack up to 90k with some nice moves, one being so in zone I 5bet a guy noticing his stack size was just absolutely perfect for me to make this play as he would fold anything up to jj-aq, he made mistake himself not thinking two steps ahead and after he tanked what was for about 6 minutes he eventually released. I lost flip at end of day to double a shortie but was no biggie considering my stack size being very healthy. Day two was a good table draw to start with until Vanessa Selbts & Shaun Deeb moved into my direct left to replace the fish who had departed. I adjusted and played pretty tight again picking my spots pretty carefully. Prob biggest hand stood out was on the exact bubble, I raised into the chip lead with AJo but I just new what this guy was up too and sure enough he 3bet from the bb, I wasn't going to lay this down to him even knowing I could make the money easily if I folded, that's not me I don't just want to cash I want to take every spot and put myself in a position to win. So I shoved the loot in as casually as you like and got the fold from him. Myself and BigMickG were just talking about bubble on the break, we had same stacks size roughly and new we couldn't open without sticking it in as big stacks were putting maximum pressure on, think Mick was still surprised I shoved with AJ on bubble, right play v this guy tho. Beats shoving 70 bigs with two 77s ay Mick lol.
I pretty much played same game throughout rest of that Ept knowing if I got the double up I could go on the attack, shame the guy had to have AA tho. Still great trip and I will always be going to Ept San Remo, great tourny and place I must say.

I'm here in Prague airport while I'm writing this, taking a chapter out of Doke's book, no better time to blog. It's nearly Xmas which means another year of poker is just over. I must say this year even without going to Vegas and being lade up for some time stil has been a pretty profitable year, I'm averaging high figures every year in mtt's according to the Hendon Mob which is pretty good, I look round at other ppl's Mobs and there years to be so erratic big score then nothing for a year or two and so on, I'm still waiting for my big one but when I do get it, I'll know all the grinding and hard work really has paid off. Last year was my worst year in the game since I hit the scene, was pretty gruesome but I still managed to turn profit even tho was my worst year in mtt's and a loosing streak in live cash that lasted almost the year, truly tilting. This year however I've been winning pretty big even with Naas now back in the picture I'm starting to turn that tide around too. I'm gonna lamp them every week for a year when variance kicks in, everyone is getting destroyed, even if they are some of the soundest men I have ever lost money to, still the fact remains I'm loosing in that place and my competitive nature won't let that die off. Bink ty, bink ty, bink ty. That's way it will go.

What a crazy year tho, there really has been some serious lows as I look back through the year but hopefully variance will kick in for next year and I can smash up the high buy in poker scene.

Early next year I think March, I'm up for appeal to get my driving licence back, two things can happen here, if I win my appeal that's brilliant I finally get back on the road driving at my own leisure and having my Toyota supra on the road will be epic. If I loose my appeal, that's it for me I can't go on waiting around on other ppl it's not fair on them and it's not fair on me so I will be moving country, which means no more grinding the Irish poker scene for me, well bar a trip home for the Irish Open of course (as long as the improvements are met). I am actually rooting to stay, I'd like to stay here for another two years and then jump ship to America also hoping online poker ban will be lifted by then.

In other news I've decided to do some staking, I've set it all up on Irish Poker Boards so feel free to apply ppl. Link not working for some reason... just go to the staking/selling section on Ipb.

I think I'm done for the year for the live Mtt's, not sure but think my next outing will be WPT Dublin, should be a great game even tho it is a bit of robbery with reg fee and funds witheld but for me it's a must play, gotta be in it if I want to win the old triple crown some day :).

Ok that's it from me, everyone have a good Xmas and see you all at the Wpt in the new year.

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