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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Irish Eyes online games & my 5 Irish picks for wsop bracelet

I'm back to the grind as they say after all of last months tournaments, As everyone knows by know I play at Irish Eyes Poker, I said to myself I might aswel give everyone who reads this blog just a brief insight into what the NL and PLO games are like on Irish Eyes, hopefully this info will give ppl a kick start plus a little inside info when they first start playing either game! I will also be giving my 5 Irish picks for a wsop bracelet this year.

I'll start first with NL Hold'em, some of my close friends are grinding out the small stakes and they have been telling me it's pretty soft from 25 -50 cents up to 50-1€, inexperience shows alot in many many hands over the course of their 2-3 hour sessions. I'm sure for the low stakes grinders Irish Eyes would prove very profitable at picking off most mistakes made by these inexperienced players plus most time they are 'crazy scandos' doing their best to learn the game as quick as possible.

Moving onto medium stakes in NL Hold'em where personally I have played a bit but not alot as I recently made the change from playing 6-max Hold'em to 6-max PLO, In my opinion these days there is more money to be made in PLO as the 6-max Hold'em has tightened up an awful lot, anyway my view of the 6-max Hold'em on Irish Eyes is that the 1-2€ games were still quiet soft with some of the 2-4€ games being the same but in the 2-4€ level there are a few regs that are pretty handy I must say. My friend Aidan Coonan plays the 1-2 & 2-4 stakes with alot of success so far!

Heads up action on Irish Eyes is really good there is always someone ready to play you, no problem and are pretty lively I must say, not the good player lively either so happy days I'm sure! Also do not forget Irish Eyes boasts up to a whopping 45% rakeback which you can get if you sign up true me using my special sign up code... ProPoker100!

Now for PLO, this was a welcomed change for me, I was not big on it as Hold'em but seen as how the 6-max was drying up so to speak it was well worth the change. I do play whatever tables are open on Irish Eyes ranging from 1-2€ right up to 5-10€, my strategy would be pretty basic I'd be more inclined waiting for turns to get my stack in and just flatting most flops. Hopefully in a while I'll be able to talk more in dept on how to play PLO!

In these stakes there is alot of easy money lying around, I'm pretty new to the game but a winning player at the same time so if I'm winning already a seasoned player would do very well on Irish Eyes. Irish Eyes has another great feature where you can buy into all PLO table for 200 bb if you wish, this makes for really deep stacks and sometimes in a 2-4€ game players do have up to 4k stacks on there and even more sometimes! This is probably one of the better sites to play PLO on I'm my opinion as it offers a great chance at spinning up a serious bankroll but don't just take my word for it get onto Irish Eyes and give it a shot yourself, don't forget use my sign up code... ProPoker100 and avail of the great rakeback offer Irish Eyes has to give!

My 5 Irish picks for a WSOP bracelet:

1. Nick 'Salamander' Heathers
Nick is a wizard plain and simple, everyone knows he is a brilliant online tournament player and most recently took down an FTOP on Full Tilt but it doesn't stop there for Nick I feel as he brings the same game to the live tournaments also where he just crushes tables with superior plays. He just thinks on a different level, that's why he is my 1st pick!

2. Derek 'green rizzla' Murray
Everybody knows how talented this guy is, even doh I've only had the pleasure of playing with Derek a handful of times it was easy to see why he is rated one of Ireland's best, He is one of my picks because I think this year is Dereks time to shine on live seen!

3. Dermot 'Irish Durrr' Blain
Irish Durrr as I like to call him, when he changes gears n plays fast he is one of the best aggressive players even doh most time he gives off a clever tight-aggressive game! If Dermot gets to the business end of a wsop event I fancy him to out smart the rest of the remaining field and be walking off with the bracelet before anyone new it was over lol, he is that good!

4. Jude 'jthaddeus' Ainsworth
It would be wrong not to put Jude in anyone's top 5 picks as he has literally crushed everything in poker there is to crush, super aggressive strong player as I remember, gotta be one of my picks hats off to him!

5. John O Shea
Last but certainly not least John deserve my last pick as he has a seriously great chance at winning a bracelet in PLO games and indeed the hi low games also not to knock his Hold'em game in the slightest he is a force in any game he enters! I also have a wsop side bet on with John where he is laying me 8-1 with a monkey (€500) on it to reach a final table out of 7 tournys I choose to play in but its a push if he reaches a final table himself, so should be interesting to see how this goes! I'll hapily loose my money for him to win a bracelet!!!

These are my top 5 picks but I could have named alot more top players who deserve a mention like Marty Smyth, Andy Black, Padraig Parkinson, Doke, Nicky power, Big Mick G and many others who are top players. Also a special best of luck to Marc 'the donkey' O Donnell who lost his passport in Vegas lol you the man Marc, seriously 1 time hope you find it mate but probably have a better chance at winning a bracelet :)

Hopefully this year will prove alot better for the Irish showing. We need a bracelet, Good luck to everyone out in Vegas I'll be seeing you soon! I will update my blog out there so hopefully I can keep as many ppl as possible in the frame of things! Once again best of luck to the Irish!!!


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