Saturday, November 24, 2012

A piece on my background

This post is for a link to a recent interview I did.

I will have a post up about Ept San Remo soon also. From then on I'll be writting alot more up to date blogs, close to every week. Most of the blogs will be on events such as recent tournaments I played and general topics of discussion in the poker world. Up next is the Fitz festival and then Wpt & Ept Prague. What a spot Prague is, how can you go wrong with two huge tournaments on within a few days of each other not to mention it's easily the nicest city I've been to. Roll on Prague.

Hope you all enjoy the interview.


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  2. if you could go back would you have bet the turn in the hand where u repped 9s full or made a bigger river bet, which is a better line do you think?