Thursday, November 13, 2014

Foreigners, what are they good for? Contributing.

Some recent outcry on social media towards 'Foreigners' is shameful. In saying that, I believe the public is being misinformed to target minority immigrants instead of the real source of Irelands problems, its system. I recently watched a documentary specifically aimed at Asylum Seekers. How misguided is everyone? In relation to the above documentary, I would have to say.. extremely. I am not going to bash Tv3 for their work on this documentary as some of it actually shows decent journalistic reporting which is an all to rare occurance in news outlets these days. But it is sensationalist. It is designed to get your blood pumping and their ratings soaring. The figure of 4,500 has to be just a ball park figure thrown out there by Tv3 as the first word of the documentary is 'Around'. I'm confident it is less and they are rounding up to suit the sensationalist reporting ideal.

Ireland rejects more Asylum seekers than any other EU country. Recent figures published by the EU shows that of 1,625 Asylum cases ruled on by Irish authorities, (the amount of cases seen has come down over the last few years) only 140 applications were granted. That's an approval rate of only 8.6%. This is well below a rough average of 25% (rounded down). Malta and Italy have the highest acceptance of 72% and 62% respectively. This is mainly due to ppl fleeing from the ongoing war in Syria. I think we can all agree and understand that no one wants to flee their own country unless it is the last resort. These ppl come from worse off countries, so lets all think of at least acknowledging that fact before we talk about government funding. Every person on this planet is equal to the next. Unfortunately, where you are geographically born will dictate the amount of inequality you will experience. It is existing systems, governments and corporations driven by monetary gain that prevents equality.

Approximately 1/3 of Asylum seekers in Ireland are children. I can't begin to imagine how a child could possibly cope with that process. How does a child cope with fleeing from his/her homeland (who knows what crazy troubles they left behind and indeed what danger?!) to a new country in search of life, not just a life but to experience real life to which so many of this world will more than likely never get the opportunity. Not to mention the mental implications this type of ordeal would have on them later in their lives. In one of the interviews Kobe expresses through fear and helplessness what a joyless life she leads under the current system our government provides. It is draining tax payers funds but worse, its draining ppl's lives. It has to be repaired for the good of Irish ppl and Asylum Seekers.

To be fair, this documentary is not so bad. It has just managed to misplace ppl's anger throughout the venting tool that is social media, towards immigrants. We should not be angry at poor ppl seeking refuge just because they are housed and given an inadequate amount of money to survive on. It is the government and the system in place to which our anger should be directed. Why would any person or parent seek refuge in Ireland only to remain poverty stricken? To answer this takes two things. Firstly, it is clear only a worse life is waiting for them back in their own countries. How bad? I cannot say but logically speaking along with pieces I've read it would be life threatening in one way or another. Secondly, disinformation. I am sure they are told of a great new life that awaits them if they make it into such countries, like Ireland. It's lies. Or to put it better, it's disinformation. They are told what they need to hear not what they should know. They have no other choice. None.

Now, it has become a case of Asylum Seekers risking what little they have to stand up and be counted in a democracy, a supposable democracy. That should be applauded. You could listen to the old saying "don't bite the hand that feeds you" but in this case the hand that's feeding you is a broken system reduced over time to keep you in poverty. You know there is a better life out there, you have now seen it first hand with Irish ppl. To us it is not a great life and we should be doing the same, standing up and being counted but just remember on this long journey to equality our asylum friends are one step behind us in this poverty food chain. We are not well off by any means but there is worse off than us. For so many Irish ppl and families to be struggling it is the system, it is the government. The politicians who squandered and robbed during the boom, this is the fallout we are now experiencing and most have been experiencing for quiet sometime. My own friends and family have been directly effected by it just like most of you reading this. For some of you that believe I am well off, taking moral high ground or have no experience with any of this, plz read on.

I know first hand what it is like to be a 'Foreigner' in a different country. Granted that was just Australia but in this new age of immigration it has now become a business for governments to exploit. Boy were we exploited. Scammed is possibly a better word. All because we wanted a better life. We were taken advantage of not by human trafficking but by governments themselves. On three separate occasions we were misled, used, and then discarded. Thousands after thousands squandered. How could you not trust a government or government agents, right?! Maybe I was naive. Maybe I was still brainwashed to believe that governments have your best interests at heart. They should, but they don't.

You have an immigration system in place to which employers take advantage of with regards to employing immigrants. They assure you of sponsorship to keep you working after an initial mandatory 3 month period working for them. The next day they inform you there is no work left. Coincidentally, just after xmas when all businesses quieten down! Once bitten, twice shy. You brush yourself off and go again. You find more work and another 3 months is taken. Same deal, thanks very much wish you all the best. As you can see not only does it seem impossible to achieve your goal but at the same time you develop a distain towards the country you want to live in. Your time is running out.

Employers are abusing the system and by doing so are taking advantage of immigrants in general. This is how Asylum Seekers are treated in Ireland. They are left for months even years on end waiting for that piece of paper which allows them to live in Ireland. Sometimes it does not come. I can relate to this. Now, I am not comparing my monetary troubles and experiences during our time trying to stay long term in Australia to the problems of Asylum Seekers, I just know how they are being treated. Joy and I were emotionally, physically and financially spent trying to make it into Australia long term. I can't begin to imagine the distress Asylum seeking families find themselves in.

Alas, for us there was some light at the end of the tunnel, albeit, inevitability too late. After spending a further 7 months trying to get an indefinite visa I was refused and told to leave the country within 25 days or be deported. Effectively they squeezed us dry and sent us packing on a technicality once they couldn't get anymore money from us. Or so I thought. They offered me an appeal if I wished to do so. It's costs $2,500. I researched this as I did most visas from day one. What did I find? All appeals have 100% upheld governments decisions on visas. A scam. This is when Joy had found an employer with morals, a heart and a respect for ppl trying to live in their country. They offered us everything to stay which was amazing to hear, such great ppl but we had no choice and had to leave, for now at least. We have to do minimum one year away before returning if we wish to do so. I am not going to go into more detail about our problems, I've learned no matter how hard we have it that I am privileged to be born in a country that offers opportunity and easy access to food and water. We are all privileged. Most ppl born in different parts of the world struggle to get food and water from day to day never mind having a chance of making a better life. This will always make me sad but I understand at the same time you have to put your privileged opportunity to great use, as one day you could then help a child or family in need.

If you are an immigrant, you may be a good person or people but they don't want to know that. You are just another number. It is easier to discard a number than a person. I hope this isn't the same for Asylum Seekers. It's not about these ppl being grateful for what they get but that they know it is not good enough for any human to survive on. That is a basic human right. No human on this planet should live in poverty.

The greed of the richest 1% and governments is the only reason why this planet is not better run. It is in corporations interests to keep it this way so they can continue to exploit and gain more and more profit. In America, for example, the top 0.1% hold 25% of Americas entire wealth, almost the same share as the bottom 90%. Futhermore, the top 1% owns over 40% of the wealth in America. Moreover, the top 20% own 89% of Americas wealth, which means the bottom 80% of ppl own less than 11% of Americas entire wealth. And these figures are continuing to grow ever further apart. Creating more poverty and we know poverty fuels crime. All these figures above you won't get from main stream media such as sky news etc. They want you in your own bubble, constantly misinformed or distracted. 96% of news outlets are owned by corporations. The reason I use America as the example is their model is followed by most 1st world countries.

The real reason I use America is because they are the ones helping to bomb Syria right now aswel as many other countries. Their 0.1% are made up of weapons contractors and many other vile banks and corporations. They need more profit so more bombs have to be dropped. They control parts of America's government, make no mistake about that. America has bombed roughly 30 countries since the end of World War II. Make of that what you will.

Get your news and documentaries from the internet. I also recommend John Oliver if you like to watch Tv in general. He's brilliant. Youtube has all his shows. Here is a 6 minute clip on this topic of Wealth in America.

Getting back to the immigration topic. Take the Uk for example, here are some facts to which immigrants supported and contributed to the Uk. The main stream media does not report this.

Instead they offer disinformation to make us believe that immigrants are the problem. It is a common misconception and you can't blame ppl for not realising. We have the exact same scenario here in Ireland. You obviously get your bad apples of immigrants and these are the stories you hear. These stories are fueled by main stream media to misinform you as to the source of the problem. The problem is always the system. So next time you hear on the news of how immigrants are the problem think of what they are trying to distract you from. The next time you hear ppl in person saying immigrants are the problem politely disagree with them. Aggression does not change ppl's minds it only fuels stubbornness. Calmly presented facts even with a charm is the best action to take if you want to open ppl's minds. After all, I was shameful because at one point I use to think the same way about immigrants and many other concerning topics until I learned to get my news from the internet not the tv.

Immigrants contribute. Remember that and we instantly accomplish compassion for our fellow man and also the realisation that the government is responsible and accountable for the constant improvement of Asylum Seekers lives, and ours. I'll leave you with this 3 minute video. It will say more to you in 3 minutes than I possibly could from all of this blog.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It's that time of year, again.

I'm just all set for Vegas. Tickets booked, accommodation sorted and my action sold. Upon selling action this year for Wsop events, I found it quiet interesting. My late sale did not do me any favours, however, this time and lately, in general, the market has shrunk in size it feels. It's a very hard one to judge when selling. It has become a matter of how much you are willing to drop in mark rather than finding the perfect balance. To be fair, this is better for the longevity of the game albeit at the players expense. I think there has been a lot of mark ups over charged in the past, for sure, but not to gain a distinct advantage over some buyers who just want a sweat, but soley because its hard to judge all the factors exactly, on top of the main component, the marketplace.

The marketplace trumps any preparations you can make. It's the be all and end all. I've made mistakes myself on judging these, its only normal. I don't think anyone ever soley sets out to charge extortionate mark up, what thief would right? Especially, with your added reputation being on the line. And that brings me to a quick statement and apology I'd like to make. There is no way, no chance, that Rory Brown ever set out to do this in his selling thread that I questioned to the point, it became a distasteful interaction. It doesn't matter even if you are right about someones mark up (Rory acted on advice from friends and only in hindsight was it deemed a bit over), you do not call them out, the marketplace will take care of it in the long run and so for that, my emotionally charged response to Rory was bad judgement and poor form so I do apologise.

It is a pretty intense subject to speak about, especially with added passion. I think the marketplace in Ireland, which appears a slight touch smaller now is still as good an option if not better than dealing with private buyers. The only plus being a one lump sum transaction, which all poker players like, but mostly because we are flat out lazy and would rather spend our time playing and loosing than tracking multiple percentages. Well most of us apart from Smidge anyway, you just know he loves that shit. A good spot to get back onto talking about Vegas and my 5 picks... for the drunken end of
night state. Actually, I'll just need one pick, but I won't say who *cough* John *cough*. I'm terrible at the game of drink myself, just ask Albert Kenny or Big Mick G.

Ok, I will do 5 picks for a bracelet, I do enjoy trying to be right, especially when I'm wrong.

1. Nick Abau Risk. Nick has been running deep so far this series, like previous years. I have one of those feelings for Nick, he just might bink. (Nearly swapped him for Max during the 10k, lol.)

2. Jude Ainsworth. Give the man a stack and watch for the torture he will dish out. Definitely one of the best hopes for Irish poker in any high game, let alone a run at the series.

3. Padraig 'Smidge' O Neill. It would be about time we turned this man into a baller. Just take a moment to imagine that if you know him, glorious, right?! Credit card roulette is his first step.

4. Sean Prenderville. Same as Jude, you just cannot exclude the man. Serious results. It's no wonder he is named the GOAT.

5. Daragh Davey. Oh wait, he's not going, or is he? Who knows. One thing is for sure, the 'Real Davey Tweets' will be in full flow. So please do join in when you see that shit trending on Twitter. A preview you say? Ok, just one. 'I'd have got that bluff through v Johnny Chan in 1988.' #RealDaveyTweet

I was close to putting John O Shea into this, just for the maximum tilt factor, he will probably go and bink a bracelet. In holdem aswel to send me straight to the nearest bridge in Vegas. All jokes aside, I hope to have a crack at a bracelet along with a few others from Ireland. There's only one question left to ask, can the tiny Island produce?

Thursday, June 6, 2013

5 Irish picks for Vegas

I have recently gotten back on the horse with grinding live cash and online tourneys. Live cash in Sydney is absurdly soft, maybe 1 other decent player at the table if you are unlucky with a table draw from possibly a handful of 2-5 games. Higher games don't seem to run much. There is a 5-10-20 interest lists which I have only seen run once. This is kinda annoying as I want to play higher not just because of how soft it is but also the rake is ridiculous with a hourly table charge of $10 and 10% rake on each pot capped at $10. Looking at the rake it is simple to see why no good players grind here. If you play high then you get a better rate as it's the same rake no matter the stakes. Hopefully these games run more before I make my annual trip to Vegas this year.

Online has been pretty fun as of late. With the Scoops passing and my deep run in the $2,100 8-max which ended with a horrible beat (I final tabled, only to get 3 outered to finish in 8th, Aks < K9s), oh the equity! The Sunday just gone I had top 5 stack going into the last 100 of the Sunday million only to loose with AK, AK and top set KK in a 4bet pot to destroy my chances of another final table or even dare I say it, winning. With the time zone being so harsh on the Aussie's, I really do feel for anyone playing full time online out here. You are getting up in the middle of the night anywhere between 2 and 5am to begin your daily grind. It truly is gruelling believe me. It will have its perks when the Summer comes round, extra few hours in bed see's you rise at 7am for the daily grind. Perfect.

All these high buy in games are great preparation for the coming Wsop grind. There is nothing more important than having a strong mentality while in Vegas. These beats of late will only help me deal with the onslaught of a packed Wsop schedule. I guess this is a good time to fill everyone in on my Irish Wsop picks for the Summer. It would be about time. Marty Smyth won his almost 5 years ago (5 years on the 29th of this month). 5 long years. To put it into prospective, it is longer time than my career when I first came on the Irish scene in 2009. So I've made 5 picks. Can an Irish person finally win a bracelet?

1. Sean Prenderville
The goat is a beast. By far one of the best players in Ireland and does it without playing nearly as much as the next pro. He has more than one gear but when he gets ahead and has a decent stack that top gear he hits is next to impossible to stop. That's exactly what you need to win a bracelet, build a stack quickly and then be relentless for the rest of the tourney. Sean ticks all the boxes.

2. Daragh Davey
If Daragh can close his eyes and smile when he is all in for that big important tourney pot I would expect him to be able to navigate a big stack to a final table with precision plays. That's how good he is. Can he go from there and win a bracelet? I'd put my house on it! Close you eyes and smile Priest it will ship you a bracelet. If not well at least you get to fiddle all those chips for a while.

3. Dermot Blain
Dermot's game impresses me the most. It's a style I was loosing touch with myself for a while without realising. Playing with him again lately made me realise. He plays so many deep structured games which suit him that I'd expect Dermots best run to come in a 5k event or his favourite Plo tournys. Then again he has surprised me once again with going deep already in a 1k event finishing 23rd. He isn't a fan of those events as he has told me before but it obviously doesn't stop him putting in the time to work out a perfect game plan.

4. Nick Abau Risk
Ok, sure, Nick is Canadian but at this stage I think Irish poker can take some credit from a Nick Abau Risk bracelet win, after all he has lived here longer than Dan Harrington at this stage. Nick is out there for the whole series so it's another reason for his addition not to mention his highly aggressive game that I'm certain will set him up for alot more deep runs than the one he just had, finishing 17th in event 7, a 1k nl event. Plus it would also be great to see John O Shea first hand licking Nicks bald head in the drunken celebrations afterwards.

5. The Unknown
I always have that feeling that some Irish person out of the blue will come along and bink a bracelet, or at least a non well known player. I'm sure there is enough of them out there who have played the series over the last 5 years. Who knows?

I would of put in Jude Ainsworth to this list with his unbelievable form of late but I believe he is skipping the series this year and is expecting another child, so congrats to him.

Any of these 4 above with a little help off lady luck or even a perfectly good 'hold' button will finally land Irish poker it's first bracelet since the new breed of poker players has come through.

Lets shuffle up and deal.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


'It's been a while', is how I start most of my blogs. The day I don't start with that opening line is the day I'm writing more regularly, A good day. Considering I'm good friends with Doke & Lappin obvioulsy the two best blogs out there at the moment, you would think I'd be more into blogging, right? I am but my drive to do so is blocked by my constant trolling of twitter or most social media sites. To be honest I get more out of reading 1,000 tweets or posting myself than I do from sitting down and writing even a short blog like this. I'm going to put it down to the lads are too good at it, I can never be better than them and it annoys me. They put me off blogging regularly, cheers lads its clearly all your fault. Social media, my lack of drive or getting caught up in trying to write a blog for days as I just cannot stop writing once I start, obviously, has nothing to do with it!

As for getting into video blogging, it's probably a good idea, god knows I'd be alot quicker doing it, I think? My only fear would be ending up like Negreanu or being as plain as Galfond. Boring! Next! Wouldn't it be great if John O Shea made a video blog? He could go from no one been able to read his blogs to no one been able to understand him speaking in his blogs. Imagine having to put subtitles on your own video blog, now that would be something special. (Told you I'd get you back for your twitter comment blog) John and I have a funny relationship which probably needs clearing up, we slag each other quiet alot on twitter etc but it's all harmless, he likes a good wind up and to be honest sometimes it is more fun to just play along, needling is normal in our world. We chat normally quiet regularly. He actually came out with a cracker of a modified Shakespear quote at Pokerstars party in Cork when everyone was drunk and chirping at him "It's amazing how quickly the mob can turn on you after so long of giving" whilst he stood on a table in the middle of the pub. If you were there you know it was a classic. I think 'mob' was the only reference to Shakespear there.

Ok, to some poker. I recently won my second High Roller title, while it was Ukipt HR it still had lost some of it's ring to it as only 9 players took part. I'm happy tho. I can't have any complaints in general, final table wsop, final table Ept and a final table at start of the year in the Sunday Million on Stars. I finished 6th, 5th and 3rd in those games. The kick start win to my career was a 2nd place finish for 50k & I finished 4th in the Fitz eom just gone to Daragh Davey the eventual winner (who imo is one of the best players in Ireland right now, he makes my top 3 anyway). You might know him better from his other aliases such as Mongoose, Baby Veal, Sheldon Cooper, The Priest & the latest addition Friar Tuck. So yeah, I filled every other finishing position on a final table, maybe just maybe that illusive 1st place finish in a main event is coming. God knows I'm going to be gunning for it until I do.

One last thing to clear up. I think alot of ppl have gotten this wrong. I am Not moving to Australia to live, I am going on a holiday there for about a month maybe a little longer depending on place to stay. I am going with my girlfriend Joy. She is going for a year. I don't blame her either, in what day and age do we live in when you learn your trade for 4-5 years become fully qualified in your field of expertise and you're then told that you are now over qualified to get a job here as you would have to be paid too much. Lol Ireland! Anyway, I can't wait for this trip it's been almost 10 years since I was there last, travelling around Australia. It's going to be great to see how it has developed as a country and also to see some of my close family who now lives out there.

My next trip is this Sunday, I'm off to Ept London. I cannot wait to get there, hoping for a bink like no other. If not there is always the cash games in the Vic.
Back to the above topic on blogging before I sign off, Maybe whenever I feel the need to post on Twitter I'll jot it down here and possibly after a week I will have a blog entry? Yeah, hmmm you're right, I guess that defeats the purpose of Twitter then. Looks like I'm back to square one, blogging regularly without actually doing so. One of these days Rodney, one of these days.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A piece on my background

This post is for a link to a recent interview I did.

I will have a post up about Ept San Remo soon also. From then on I'll be writting alot more up to date blogs, close to every week. Most of the blogs will be on events such as recent tournaments I played and general topics of discussion in the poker world. Up next is the Fitz festival and then Wpt & Ept Prague. What a spot Prague is, how can you go wrong with two huge tournaments on within a few days of each other not to mention it's easily the nicest city I've been to. Roll on Prague.

Hope you all enjoy the interview.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Just landed in San Remo, well, I actually landed in Nice, France, to be exact. I don't really mind the drive to San Remo, It's close to being the perfect definition of the term 'scenic route'. The taxi ride costs 150 bucks and it's just about worth it, especially when your travelling with two of the best in Dermot Blain & Nick Abau Risk. You be amazed what you learn in a one hour taxi ride as obviously the general topic of conversation is Poker. Do tell? Eh, no. There was an interesting topic about staking and how its become so big it's basically keeping the hole poker scene in general afloat. Make of that statement what you will. It is an interesting topic.

I've just regged up for day1b of Ept main event. It still feels horrible and great at the same time when you're handing over a brick of 5k and change to play one single event. Run goooot plz! This is what has to be done tho if you aspire to make it big in the game. Well, for the live scene anyway.

Which brings me to Online. I have been enjoying the grind lately, not much results to show for it but I know I'm doing pretty well in general with my play. It's easy to realise how, I just count how many times over the last month I want to break my mouse off the wall at home. Thearetically, 2-3 times a night when deep which is pretty good considering I only play like 6-7 games a night. I'll probably crack soon screaming BOMBARDMENT, meanwhile throwing as much technology at the wall as possible. Bah, who am I kidding, I won't. Especialy if it's anything to go by when I bust one live event in particular last year. For ppl who don't know I went up to my room having a few kicks at this and a few kicks at that to then turn and reaslise what I thought would have been my trail of destruction to find only a single pillow lying on the floor. Gutted. If you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at?!

The moral of the story is I know I've found my drive once again. To get so worked up means you care and that was something that had desserted me for quiet sometime online. I lost my drive and suffered because of it. A bit of a fiasco behind the scenes did most of the damage to me, my head was melted. I'm coming out on top of this one tho so you know always keep working hard even when you hate it. Love the game.

Another interesting fact came to my attention about online winners this year. Pretty remarkable stuff really. Only two players in Ireland are winning over 100k for the year in mtt's, consider this with roughly 6 ppl last year you can see something is up with Irish poker. Of course this one stat is pretty silly on it's own as we can all just say 'variance' but try less than 10 players winning over 50k only a slight jump again for guys above 30k and you start to think, wow, really? To mix this with the live scene and this trip, only 4 Irish came to play this Ept from what I can see. So, Is it really just the game getting tougher? Has the game evolved again to the point where playing so many tables might now be costing you money? I know it's standard thing these days to play anywhere between 16-30 tournies a night or if your Jaymo playing 136 in one night, more than my first few months play alone on stars. You sick fuck! It works for him but does it work for everyone else grinding online?

Me personally, I know I've changed my game at the start and mid tourny's. Completely trying to expolit regs and others playing far to many tables. They just can't see what I'm up too never checking their hud until deep in a tourny. By then, when deep, I guess it's safe to say I've changed my end game of tourny's also as these guys begin to open up and start to pay attention once again. Ask yourself this, Are they the one's who are really playing blind now, not me? Over the last month I'm going deep in possibly half my tournies I play which obviously is 3 yet I still hear same guys playing loads of tables say, 'well I don't need to look at huds etc untill I'm deep near end of the night as I'll have 3 or 4 tables left and give them my full concentration'. I play 7 (use to play only 4) they play 20+, I know lol sample size and all that but I am smart enough to realise something is up when there is this big gap for perhaps the same end product.

Of course there is more than one way of looking at it all and I'm obviously not taking everything into account here but there is a pattern developing. I can see it. I think 12-16 is the mark for a nights play hopefully I can get close to 12. I doubt it tho 10 seems like the mark for me but more of you guys can probably handle it better than me. Can you honestly say tho you use your hud correctly and assess situations when playing more than 6 tables at once? or are you just clicking buttons! I say only very few of you can perform this profitably.
The figues don't lie.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back To The Grind

I've lost the interest in online poker for quiet sometime, close to 9 months I'd say. It had alot to do with finding the drive to get back into the game after spending a long time recovering from surgery. It crushed me mentally for quiet sometime, I think it was just online poker that suffered as live I was still hungry. I'd play a few nights and then give up for another 2-3weeks. Not very professional to say the least but I felt it was the right choice for me over this space of time or I could have burnt out pretty easily considering. It takes alot more to realise when to step back than to continue right threw lying to yourself along the way and probably eventually loosing chunks of your roll.

 I still kept up with the online game as now which most of you know I run a stable which holds brilliant players, it's been a pleasure to just sit back and watch these guys evolve as class players. Obviously I'm biased, but trust me when I say it these guys will dominate live tournys in Ireland soon aswel as the online world. Rob Fitzgerald is the guy I've been surprisingly delighted by his progress. He has taken everything on board and applied it within a short space of time to evolve from being a small stakes grinder to a winning mid stakes mtt'r. Not many can do that within this time frame! Then you got Colin (Hammo) Hammond & Ciaran (Tag) Taggart. You put both these guys in the same category but at same time you get a different mix of styles. Hammo just has the raw talent and he really doesn't know it, he just keeps binking all the time that we have even renamed the Ipoker 30r 10pm nightly game 'The Hammo' as it's ridiculous amount of times he's won it or final tabled it on a regular basis, not to mention many other tounry's. This see's him playing much higher for us now. He is a real gem! To Tag, well, we all know he's a monster. So what do you do with a monster? You let him loose! He will perfect his game and when he does I'll be just sitting here railing him, luaghing in awe of him destroying fields. Another influential part of this stable is funnily enough the biggest online grinder in Ireland, Dara O Kearney. Oh the irony. I cant even play a full week yet here he is never missing one. I can honestly say I don't know how the man does it. To keep that level of consistency & drive is beyond me, yet ppl like Doke are the reason why I'm back to the grind.

Which leads me to the grind. Right now, I'm playing the $700 Wcoop (ITM), along with a pretty big schedule totaling roughly 9k. I like to jump in head first. Gruelling long hours of poker mixed with keeping your head and composure. I will admit tho it has been hard but happy to say I'm on top of it and most of all really enjoying it. So yeah, back to the grind and long may it last.

For live, I think there is one or two Irish festivals coming up but next big one is Ept San Remo, Italy. A favourite place of mine. It's beautiful place and what I like most is how relaxed the hole place is, so mellow, suits me down to the ground. Coming off a decent Vegas score during the summer I'm hoping to drive on from there and really take on the high buyin live scene. Let's hope I can pull it off. Ok thats all from me for now. Short & sweet for once. Gl to all Irish in Wcoop's, bracelet plz!