Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Some high rolling in February

I began writing this blog post a couple days ago & basically I just had to scrap most of it but for good reason. The reason being I have just won the High roller deepstack event in D4, Dublin, run by D4 events. Absolutely chuffed with the win. This game was 2.5k buy in which started with 19 players taking to the felt & also boasted a prizepool of just under 45k with 19.5k of that going to the winner. Being a small field but large buy in, it was full of top players which included the likes of Johnathan Duhamel (wsop main event champion) John Eames & Marc MacDonnell but to name a few.

Highlights of the win of course involves a few sick hands and alot of luck, basically at one stage on the final table I lost a 3 way all in and was left with 5 big blinds, you guys know what happened next. A few hands stood out over the course of two days of poker. Making a call for nearly all of my stack near end of day1 holding 66 on a board of Q93,Q,T was a good read, he just bet a little too much on the river and was indeed bluffing when I called. That put me 3/8 in chips going to the final table the next day.

On the final table it was a very tight game throughout with especially the bubble play making for some great action. Myself & Max Silver began as the two shorts stacks both surviving our all ins to double through. Wouldn't you no it by the time the bubble burst myself & Max were now the two chip leaders. It's a funny old game sometimes. We eventually went 3 handed and 3 handed and I was fortunate enough to find kings vrs Max's 66 to win a huge pot and take the outright lead. Few orbits later we loose Max in third place. I was now heads up With Tim Farrelly with a slight chip lead. I've gotta give Tim alot of credit, even tho he might have satellited into this game he was never pushed around by this strong field & more than held his own outplaying quiet a few players constantly. I won a pivotal hand heads up when I made two pair on the river and check raised Tim's river value bet which was called and I showed him the bad news. This pot saw me stride ahead in chips. My winning hand of the tournament was TT the same hand I managed to knock Max out with for 3rd. Myself & Tim got it all in preflop my TT vrs his A8, no help for Tim on any street saw me lift the trophy.

A special note I must add, today of all days was my late fathers birthday so to win a tournament on his birthday was pretty special to me I must say. Funny how this world works ay.

Back in action tomorrow for the €500 main event, it really is a life grind anyone who tells you different could not be more wrong, but you gotta love it.

I was also in Deauville, France, lately. Had a pretty good time there, the architecture of all the buildings over there is really class, photo should explain this better. As my good friend Fergal Nealon said they are all about style and class in France & he could not be more right. The Ept there is probably the softest one I have ever played. It still mind boggles me that some people who clearly haven't a clue and are dead money still enter these games at €5,300 a pop. I'm not complaining tho, more the merrier in my opinion, it only increases my edge on the field. I bust day2 of the main event with two cooler hands but was lucky enough to cash in the side event for about €5k so it just about covered my trip. Fergal himself had a deep run in this but came up short of the final table, still good run all the same. Also, big congrats to Big Mick G who final tabled the main event but unfortunately finished in 8th position, still a pretty good achievement by anyone's standards.

My last entry also informed ppl I was going into the staking business, not even a month in and one of my horses, Rob Fitzgerald shipped 30rebuy game on Boyle Sports for 4.5k and same night Colin Hammond finished 3rd in another tourny. Colin showing great consistency with 4 final tables already. So that was a pretty good night I must say & congrats to the lads. Showing huge potential these guys are. It helps the lads that Alan McIntyre is in the group also. Alan is quiet simply a phenomenal player on the verge of breaking into the big time, he's got the game & is probably one of the most gifted players on the Irish scene, the potential I see in him is sky high.
Also we have another addition to the stable this time as a partner in staking none other than Dara 'Doke' O Kearney. So his general luck is a great help, lol.

Ok, that's it from me now for another while.